Friday, December 10, 2010

Journalism Boot Camp II

The second annual Journalism Boot Camp at UNM will be held Saturday 22 January 2011.

Check out last year's schedule and list of presenters in the entries below.

More details in the coming weeks, so watch this space for updates.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday's lineup of events


Here's the lineup of events for the sessions on Saturday 23 January:

Sessions are in either Marron Hall (MH) or C&J Building Room 119 (CJ)

8:45 a.m.
• Reception (MH)

9:00 - 10:15
• COLUMN WRITING/EDITING (MH) - Gene Grant, Joline Gutierrez Krueger, Dan Mayfield, Jim Belshaw, Jack Ehn
• SOURCING STORIES/BASICS (CJ)- Phillip Blanchard, Karen Wentworth

10:30 - 11:45
• BEAT REPORTING (CJ) - Rivkela Brodsky, Jeff Proctor, Dan McKay, Megan Kamerick, Joline Gutierrez Krueger

Noon - 1:00
• FEATURED SPEAKER (and lunch) (CJ) - M.E. Sprengelmeyer, Guadalupe County Communicator. Topic: "The Future of Print Is Print."
(Check out this NY Times profile of him here).

1:15 - 2:30
• NEWSROOM MANAGEMENT (MH) - Zachary Shank, Marisa Demarco, Dan McKay, Mark Holm
• FEATURES/REVIEWS (CJ) - Ollie Reed Jr., Carrie Seidman, Gwyneth Doland, Dan Mayfield

2:45 - 4:00
• BACKPACK JOURNALISM & ONLINE REPORTING (CJ) - Gwyneth Doland, Richard Schaefer, Jakob Schiller

4:00 - 5:00
• FOIA/PUBLIC RECORDS (CJ) - Sarah Welsh of NM FOG, Susan McKinsey

6:00 - 8:00
• VIDEO (CJ) - "All the President's Men"

contact to sign up for Sunday workshops

• Sports Reporting
• Photography & Cutlines
• Copy Editing
• Design

Welcome to Boot Camp

This is a start-up website for the Journalism Boot Camp at UNM. We will preview the first-ever event with event listings. After this weekend's event, we will follow up with feedback and other interaction. We also will create a Boot Camp bible of information and links.

Stay tuned.